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Moving to Australia

Move to Australia, Immigrate to Australia


Looking to move to Australia? Find out more about visas, Australian immigration, how to emigrate to Australia. If you are moving to Australia, here you can find out if you could be accepted for a visa which will allow you to live and work in Australia. There are a different options available for an Australian visa.

Skilled visa Australia 189


Skilled visa Australia under Australia immigration is available to applicants who are looking to emigrate or move to Australia permanently. Find out if you qualify for the skilled independent visa, fill the Skilled independent visa assessment form

Australian Working Holiday Visa


The Working holiday maker visa is for young people looking to travel and take up casual work in Australia for a year or two. You need to be a citizen of a participating country, be within the eligible age of 18-30 years, not been to Australia on a working holiday before and meet health requirements of Australia.
Working holiday visa assessment

Skilled state/territory nominated 190 visa


Migrate to Australia on the nominated/sponsored visa to gain an Australian permanent residency. To Emigrate to Australia on the nominated visa, you would need to have work experience in one of the occupation in demand in Australia. It is points-based visa for skilled workers who are nominated by a state or territory. This visa requires sponsorship by a state or territory in Australia.
Skilled sponsored visa online assessment

Skilled state/territory nominated or sponsored 489 visa


The Australian skilled state/territory nominated visa requires sponsorship by a state or territory in Australia. If your skills are in demand, you may be sponsored for this visa. To qualify for this visa you must nominate an occupation and meet the points requirements. Points are awarded for age, language proficiency, qualifications, work experience and sponsorship. The sponsored visa may benefit from a quicker processing time.
Skilled sponsored visa online assessment

Skilled family sponsored visa


If you have close family in Australia you may qualify for the family sponsored visa, however you still need to meet other requirements like have an occupation which is in demand in Australia, fulfill the points requirements set for this visa as well as health and character requirements. This is a permanent residency visa to Australia allowing the holder to remain in Australia indefinitely.
Family sponsored visa online assessment

Regional sponsored 187 migration scheme


Under the regional sponsored visa, applicants can be sponsored by participating regional state/territories or close family living in a designated area in Australia. Under this regional visa, applicants benefit from bonus points for regional sponsorship. Applicants also get points for age, work experience, qualifications and language proficiency.
Regional sponsored online assessment

457 Employer sponsored work permit


The 457 or employer sponsored visas are designed for Australian companies to sponsor and recruit skilled migrants from overseas for their businesses. This is a temporary visa and allows employees to work up to 4 years. Applicants may be able to switch to a permanent visa in Australia. If you have a potential employer, you may be eligible for the 457 visa.
457 employer sponsored visa assessment

Employer nominated scheme 186


This visa is for skilled individuals outside Australia or skilled temporary residents inside Australia. There are three different streams under this visa. To qualify for this visa you need to be nominated by an approved employer and be younger than 50 years of age, meet the skills and qualification requirements and meet English language requirements. Employer nominated assessment

Business visas


This visa is available to applicants wanting to travel for business or setup, own, manage a business or invest in Australia. There are may different options available under the business visa depending on applicants current or previous business experience, turnover and assets.
Australian Business visa assessment

Partner visas


The partner visas allows applicants to enter and remain in Australia if they are in a relationship with an Australian national, an Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen. Applicants are required to demonstrate proof of relationship and other requirements for a successful application.
Australian partner visa assessment