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Working in Australia

The Australian job market is vast- there is a huge demand and great shortages are experienced in the local labour market. Australia needs workers across a number of industries. If you are looking to relocate to Australia, this could be the ideal time to make the move as immigration rules and regulations could tighten up in the coming months. Providing different climate conditions- depending on where you choose to live, an excellent lifestyle, fantastic opportunities and future for all, this could be the right time to make your Australian move a reality!

The most popular Australian visas are the Australian General Skilled Migrant under wich there are State Nominated, Skilled Independent visas. Other visas include the employer sponsored visa, family sponsorred. There is also an option of obtaining a one year working holiday visa which allows you to live and work in Australia for up to 12 months- this is a great time to get a real feel of the country. Speak to one of our experts or Fill a visa assessment form now!

Living and working in Australia is a dream come true as their working conditions have been renowned to be the best in the world. Workers’ rights and responsibilities are clear and there are organizations and unions protecting employees and employers’ rights. You have a choice whether you join a union or not. The minimum wage for work in Australia in 2011 was $15.51 an hour, and average wage is at $65,000 per annum mark. Australian working hours are around 40 hours per week, so there is plenty of time for hobbies and maintaining a lifestyle. A wide range of working visas for Australia are available to skilled migrants.

We at Visamigrate strive to assist you in choosing the right visa and making your dream of working in Australia a reality. Our aim is to get it right the very first time and our expert case managers are here to help you at every step of the way, right from choosing the correct visa to visa approval and beyond. Find out if you could be accepted for one of the visas for Australia-
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